Selling A Distressed House In Chula Vista, CA

Homeowners sometimes find themselves in unfortunate situations facing exorbitant property repair costs due to distressed home conditions. This headache handicaps their efforts to list their home on the market. Costly repairs due to broken-down home conditions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stress in the day-to-day life of homeowners of distressed properties. Property headaches arise in these situations and many homeowners can find themselves feeling stuck with an unwanted property. These circumstances can make homeowners feel as though they are backed into a corner with no hope, BUT there is good news! Distressed homeowners are not alone in their property headaches. The Sell Quick team buys houses in any situation and any condition at a fair value cash price. Homeowners who are looking to sell their distressed property have an option available to them that enables them to sell their property as-is with zero costs tacked on. They can pay zero repair costs and zero cleaning fees. Furthermore, there is no need for a traditional real estate agent, so home sellers of distressed homes can pay zero commissions.

What Is Considered A Distressed House?

A distressed house is a residential property in poor condition that needs rehabilitation to meet the standards required to be listed as a home “for sale” on the traditional real estate market. These homes often have structural damages due to termites, water damage, fire damage or old age. The condition and situation of these homes can cause significant stress to their homeowners, but it is important to note that these factors DO NOT deter all buyers from being serious buyers. These distressed homes simply require rehabilitation to meet suitable “for sale” listing standards.

“The Sell Quick team specializes in purchasing and rehabilitating distressed houses at ZERO cost to the property owners.”

Why Sell A Distressed Home for cash?

As highlighted above, there are several issues that prevent distressed homes from being evaluated and listed on the market “for sale”. If a house has suffered structural damages, it is difficult for a buyer who requires a mortgage to secure a lender that will offer them a loan to buy the distressed property because of the inherent risks associated with the home.

However, irrespective of the current conditions a distressed property can be sold. A homeowner of a distressed property can sell their home to real estate investors like the Sell Quick team. With the Sell Quick team homeowners receive a fair-value cash offer quickly and can close on their house in as little as 3 days or up to 60 days.

A distressed house that can’t be evaluated and listed on the market has a relatively small chance of of finding prospective buyers through the traditional real estate selling route, so selling their home for cash is often the most profitable choice. A homeowner can spend time and money to fix the necessary repairs for their home to be evaluated and brought onto the market, but often they get hit with serious costs that cut into their bottomline.

Selling your house for cash without repairing it is a great choice when dealing with the sale of a distressed property, because the burden of repairing the home is transferred over to experienced professionals who know the rehabilitation process and take on all the risks associated with rehabilitating the home.

How do you find the right buyer?

Homeowners often assume that selling a distressed property is difficult, time consuming and stressful because it is, but there is hope. The Sell Quick team buys houses in any condition and situation. We want to ensure that you are aware of all your options upon selling your house. We know sales of distressed properties can be done efficiently, quickly and at a fair price. To avoid the hassle associated with selling a distressed property in San Diego through the traditional route we offer a better solution.

Selling With A Traditional Real Estate Agent

You can contact real estate agents that can help advertise your property by inviting potential buyers to view your house. Traditional real estate agents often have a contact list of potential buyers who are interested in buying properties in the region. This traditional method works for homes that pass inspection, but is often unfavorable for the sale of distressed properties, but there is no need for homeowners of distressed houses to worry. There is a winning option for them.

Selling To A Cash Home Buyer In San Diego

The Sell Quick team specializes in buying distressed homes. We are professional home repairers. We are not traditional real estate agents. We charge our customers zero commissions and zero costs. We buy off market homes in San Diego regardless of the property condition or the owner’s situation. We provide a better solution to home sellers of distressed houses. Our cash home buying process is a proven headache-free solution for home sellers of distressed properties.


The effort required to sell a distressed home through the traditional real estate listing route can be insurmountably difficult. Homeowners of distressed properties are typically burdened with excessive repair costs and countless difficulties in showcasing their home to bidders. The traditional way of selling homes leaves distressed property owners with little hope, BUT the Sell Quick team offers a profitable to distressed home sellers solution that is resoundingly beneficial.

We will buy your home as-is at a fair value cash price. We specialize in rehabilitating distressed houses. With us you pay zero repair costs, zero cleaning fees, zero agent commissions and zero closing costs. We are the right solution for home sellers of distressed properties.